Improving the quality of Your Walls Now

Accent walls or accent walls are increasingly found in modern establishments. Not unjustified because playing with color makes your interior live and feels dynamic. The combination of the right color on a well thought-out wall can also have an important influence on the spatial experience of the room. How to paint or wall a successful accent wall can be read here.

Choose Colors For Your Accent Wall

Choosing a suitable accent color depends on a lot of factors. Although we cannot take a look at your interior, there are some basic rules that apply in every interior. Keep these color tips in mind and your accent wall will be guaranteed!

Surface Of The Accent Wall

For a small accent wall, you should choose pure and striking colors. The larger the surface of your accent wall, the lighter the color may be. If you have a large accent wall, you can also use colors that are less pure. These are color tins that contain grayer or contain a combination of different shades of color. By playing with colors you can ensure that a small surface will make as much impression as a large accent wall in a light color hue. Conversely, the soft colors will also ensure that your wall does not scream for attention.

Gloss Level

Shiny colors are busier than matte colors. You should avoid shiny paint on large surfaces. A high gloss level will make your interior look fresher, a matte color will create a more intimate atmosphere. If you do not get out, opt for the golden mean in satin.

Natural Light

Consider natural lighting. Walls with little daylight will look darker anyway. Dark spaces should therefore be given a lighter accent color. To see the effect of your color, you can first paint a color swatch on the wall. Unevenness will also be more visible under daylight. Especially when you want to use dark colors prepare the wall well and apply different layers of paint. With the hd home walls this is a very important work for you now.

Accompanying Colors

Accompanying colors are the color tones that are combined with the color of the accent wall. These have the function to create peace in the interior. For this you can choose tone-on-tone shades or or white shades. More information about combining colors can be found in the article about color combinations.

Spatial Effect of Accent Walls

Light colors reflect more light than dark colors, which makes your interior look bigger. To make a small space appear larger, you should paint the accent wall in a light color. Dark accent walls ensure that the room will radiate more security than with light colors.
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