Improving the quality of Your Walls Now

Accent walls or accent walls are increasingly found in modern establishments. Not unjustified because playing with color makes your interior live and feels dynamic. The combination of the right color on a well thought-out wall can also have an important influence on the spatial experience of the room. How to paint or wall a successful accent wall can be read here.

Choose Colors For Your Accent Wall

Choosing a suitable accent color depends on a lot of factors. Although we cannot take a look at your interior, there are some basic rules that apply in every interior. Keep these color tips in mind and your accent wall will be guaranteed!

Surface Of The Accent Wall

For a small accent wall, you should choose pure and striking colors. The larger the surface of your accent wall, the lighter the color may be. If you have a large accent wall, you can also use colors that are less pure. These are color tins that contain grayer or contain a combination of different shades of color. By playing with colors you can ensure that a small surface will make as much impression as a large accent wall in a light color hue. Conversely, the soft colors will also ensure that your wall does not scream for attention.

Gloss Level

Shiny colors are busier than matte colors. You should avoid shiny paint on large surfaces. A high gloss level will make your interior look fresher, a matte color will create a more intimate atmosphere. If you do not get out, opt for the golden mean in satin.

Natural Light

Consider natural lighting. Walls with little daylight will look darker anyway. Dark spaces should therefore be given a lighter accent color. To see the effect of your color, you can first paint a color swatch on the wall. Unevenness will also be more visible under daylight. Especially when you want to use dark colors prepare the wall well and apply different layers of paint. With the hd home walls this is a very important work for you now.

Accompanying Colors

Accompanying colors are the color tones that are combined with the color of the accent wall. These have the function to create peace in the interior. For this you can choose tone-on-tone shades or or white shades. More information about combining colors can be found in the article about color combinations.

Spatial Effect of Accent Walls

Light colors reflect more light than dark colors, which makes your interior look bigger. To make a small space appear larger, you should paint the accent wall in a light color. Dark accent walls ensure that the room will radiate more security than with light colors.

Tips and tricks: pest control without chemicals

The consumer center warns of health damage caused by poisonous pesticides. So here are the tips for dealing with pests.

If pests in the house and garden hold court, the right means and resounding strategies are needed to beat the troublemakers in the run. From spray to powder to sticky traps and electric vaporizers, the trade offers a variety of expulsion and pest control products. But the consumer center warns of the “chemical club”.

Product labels and instructions for use as well as the advice in the trade are often only available with inadequate information, so the consumer advocates. Due to the possible dangers to humans and the environment, poison-containing pesticides are by no means in the hands of laymen. If used improperly, users risk serious health effects such as dyspnoea, paralysis or nerve damage. However, if the plague ghosts with precaution and home remedies cannot be dealt with, only the call to the pest controller can help.

To prevent and control moths, fleas, mice and the like, the following instructions should be followed:


Prevention is better than fighting. Anyone who inspects newly purchased food for possible infestation does not store too large quantities and fills the stores into lockable containers, puts an effective stop to the incursion of annoying pests.

Annoying insects

Flies, mosquitoes and moths can best be dealt with mechanical protection. Window gauze, mosquito nets or fly swatters are helpers who will not let laymen down. Take care with mosquito repeaters: they pollute indoor air and can particularly endanger the health of patients, infants and pets. Non-toxic alternatives to pest control are attractant traps, glue strips, insect protection lamps as well as cedar wood and lavender bags in the linen closet against moths.


In an invasion of the pests, collecting is more environmentally friendly than snail poison. Cutbacks on flowers and vegetables can be avoided by hobby gardeners by planting in the garden, spurning nudibranches. Intensely smelling herbs such as rosemary and thyme or poisonous plants such as iron and thimble keep the insatiable molluscs away. Effective protection for endangered plants is also provided by raised beds and worm fences. Lime, sawdust, bark mulch and coffee grounds are natural inhibitors that keep slugs away.

Crawling and rodents

If cockroaches, pigeon tick, pharaoh ants, or rats are in or around the house, these are cases for a professional pest controller. The certificate proves that he or his employees are “certified pest controllers”.

Exterminators use

Even with the pest professional, customers should insist that the most harmless means, such as bait boxes, gels and traps instead of sprays and nebulizers, are used. Information about safety precautions or protective measures and possible interior loads must not be missing.

Best Utility of the Perfect Curtains Here Now

Using the design of the window, you can successfully manage the light flux. Consider the following options:

Any of the opaque materials for decorating the window from the “Privacy” section also helps to easily control the sunlight. However, since sunlight will eventually spoil the fabric, it may be helpful to use non-woven blinds between the glass and expensive curtains when ordering curtains, please specify the use of the lining. A small increase in price will eventually result in significant savings due to reduced damage by ultraviolet rays. With the best curtains in Singapore the results are perfect.

Fabrics “blackout” are used in rooms where complete darkness is necessary. Such fabrics are made from several layers of various fabrics with application of special technologies. Of all the materials used, they are the most opaque.

  • Aluminum or wooden blinds can be closed so as to keep the direct rays of the sun, while giving a little light to your room.
  • Curtains made of bamboo will filter light and reduce the brightness of light, adding privacy to the room.
  • Grid blinds made of non-woven materials also reduce the luminous flux.

In places of very strong sunlight, consider the option when the tint film is glued to the glass. This will reduce the flux of ultraviolet rays. Such films exist at different levels of darkening.

How Phototherapy Helps Your Requirement

After the birth of a child, his body adapts to completely different environmental conditions and undergoes many changes. One of the adaptation mechanisms is the physiological jaundice of newborns. In the intrauterine life of a child, his blood contains much more red blood cells than an adult. This is due to the fact that oxygen is obtained by transportation from the mother’s blood via the umbilical cord, and a large amount of hemoglobin, which is part of the erythrocytes, is required for sufficient saturation, because it transfers hemoglobin to the organs and tissues. Now you can rent your phototherapy for home treatment with us now.

After the birth of a child, his body no longer needs so many red blood cells, they are destroyed, releasing fetal hemoglobin, which in turn is destroyed and releases bilirubin, and a large number of free bilirubin stains the mucous membranes and skin in yellow. Physiological jaundice appears usually on 3-4 days of life and passes independently in 2-3 weeks.


Bilirubin is a toxic substance. The body tries to remove it, binding it with albumin. But if bilirubin is much larger than albumin, it acts on the nervous system, causing “nuclear jaundice”. In addition to physiological jaundice, there are pathological forms: conjugation hereditary jaundice, hemolytic disease of newborns, infectious-toxic hepatic jaundice.One of the most effective methods to reduce the toxicity of bilirubin is light therapy, or phototherapy.